Sky Fm-The Sound of the County, is a non political, non-partisan community radio station right at the heart of Kakamega County !

Sky FM shares a common belief that radio will continue to grow and prosper, utilizing and branding with new technologies to find innovative ways to reach consumers.

We are also of the opinion that radio is no longer shackled by the limitations of its tower-based signal.

Sky FM aims:

* To promote neighborhood, community and open-access radio stations
* To be a source of high quality technical information
* To review equipment and information available elsewhere

Sky FM is a "Celebrity Free Zone": As a community station which seeks to offer an alternative to that presented by other media, Sky FM does not promote the ‘cult of the celebrity'. While we can acknowledge creative talent, we do not see ourselves as a publicity machine for celebrities, personalities or ‘Very Important People'.

In community radio the celebrities are the local citizens.

We are the #1 Community Radio with Youth connection-For Youth By Youth (FYBY)

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