Written by on July 10, 2020

Youth in Homa-Bay County have faulted their leaders of making false promises to the young people at funerals instead of finding ways of reducing unemployment rate among the youths through viable development projects.

The irritated youths claim that their political leaders and civil servants only return home for funeral ceremonies where they make false promises to them and later disappear without fulfilling their pledges.

Led by Arujo Ward ODM Youth leader Synod Okello, they say that young people have been neglected by their leaders to continue languishing in poverty despite available resources under the leaders watch to address youth challenges in the county.

Speaking to press in Homa-Bay town, Okello claims that they only see their leaders when a prominent person dies where they come to deliver false pledges and disappear after the burial only to return when another person dies and do the same.

 He says that they want leaders to rethink on how they can call a dialogue between them and youths to chat way forward so that young people can be empowered through initiating development projects to absorb unemployed lot.

Mr. Okello says that the region has potential resources such as fertile soil for cotton production and waters of Lake Victoria for fishing that leaders should consider to utilize to create employment for the youth.

Victor Otieno regrets that many young people in Homa-Bay have flocked the bodaboda industries due to lack of employment because their leaders have failed to prudently use public funds to create job opportunities for them.

The chairperson of the Homa-Bay Youth Forum Robert Ouko calls on the leaders in the counties of Luo Nyanza to desist from making false pledges at the funerals but focus on development of the region.

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