DNA Tests;The Ultimate Medicine to Curb Relationship Betrayal

Written by on December 4, 2020

By Davine Otieno

A significant number Kenyans are in support of DNA tests to avoid men being trapped by women and raising kids they haven’t  sired.

A recent poll has revealed that Kenyans want DNA tests to be conducted for free.

This I believe will prevent ultimate betrayals in families and deter men from being trapped by the significant others. 

In the recent past,the number of men finding out that the children they are raising aren’t biologically theres has been on the rise.

The result of these cases  have rendered the victims immense hurt and pain,tentatively shuttering  families .

A  Nairobian netizen, Arnold (not his real name ) took to Instagram to reveal how the 3 year old kid he was raising wasn’t his after conducting a paternity test as ordered by the court.

“I woke up everyday looking forward to being the best dad to my daughter,how do you even heal from this ,I can’t imagine life without my child, how do you look at the woman you thought you would spend the rest of your life with,”said Arnold  in his sad post.

The netizen went ahead to disclose how he was ordered by court ruling to return the child to his biological father,news that left him heartbroken.

“The court proceedings have rendered me sheer pain and agony, I wonder if the mental trauma will ever come to an end,”read the post.

In extreme cases, the aftermath of this has led to the demise of some victims while others have done unimaginable acts.

Do you think DNA tests for infants should be made free and mandatory in a bid to ascertain paternal ties for children?

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