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Maternal cases wishing to attend Kisumu County Referral Hospital (KCRH) will now enjoy a new spacious maternity ward and a state of the art newborn unit.

Since devolution, expectant mothers in the county hospital were forced to deliver in squeezed dilapidated buildings as newborn care was done in makeshift structures.

The new ward and baby unit boasts of various modern equipment such as incubators, defibrillator respirators, resuscitators and baby cots. The unit has a total of 28 maternity beds and over three delivery rooms that can be used simultaneously.

According Caroline Gichana who is the nurse in charge, the maternity unit will play a key role in guiding pregnant women towards the last stage of the gestation period.

She said that healthcare professionals are readily available to ensure mothers and their children get the best. She added that they provide quality level 4 ultrasound using the latest technology for early detection of fetal anomalies.

Kisumu County government has been striving towards reducing the maternal mortality rate which is high in Kenya, by strengthening healthcare services across its borders.

“The Kisumu County Referral Hospital new maternity wing is staffed with qualified doctors and nurses, who provide full maternal care and can handle premature births and birth-related complications”, said Gichana.

She thanked the county department of health for coming up with the new spacious maternity ward. “It has eased our work as we now have enough space to conduct our activities together with our patients and they also have enough walking space as the older one was small and not convenient”. She also added that it was important to come up with a new maternity wing.”

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