Politician Directed to Give Human Sacrifice

Written by on August 9, 2021


The family of a Siaya politician who is said to be eyeing a senior political position in the county is now living in panic after a local native doctor advised the politician to give human sacrifice so that he can thrive in the coming elections.

The famous witch doctor convinced the politician with claims that he has given powers to several local politicians causing panic among their competitors who have tried to outdo them without success. He further argued that he was the only solution to the politician’s dreams.

The politician has however promised to stick to his christian faith and as much as he craves for the powers that the witch doctor claims to be giving, his beliefs discourage murder. He said this while revealing his private engagement with the doctor to his family.

This however is not a new development in the Kenyan political scene since such incidences are always common when people are approaching elections.

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