Leaders Should Stop Boasting About NG-CDF Funds

Written by on August 19, 2021


Leaders specifically Members of Parliament have been told to stop chest-thumping about the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) which they are awarded by the national government. They have been told to instead also find ways of bringing development to their constituencies without just depending on NG-CDF.

This is a request that has been put across by former Kojwach ward councillor in Kabondo Kasipul constituency Hon. Enock Osiemo where he gave a stun warning to MPs in the country to stop boasting that they have brought development to their people yet they have only used government money. Osiemo who was speaking at Ringa market said that this is the job that Mps are now doing and it is good that they refrain from that and serve their people with diligence.

He went ahead to say that even bursaries that are given to needy students are not good at all since sometimes you find that a student has been given just Ksh. 3000 or 5000, what he said is not right and Mps should find a way of handling. Lastly, he advised them to be inviting and bringing together their friends to help them raise funds whenever there is a situation instead of always depending on government funds.

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