Luos Should Take I.D Cards and Register as Voters

Written by on August 20, 2021


Different requests are already being given to the Luo nation to come out and take national identification cards and in turn register as voters before next year’s general elections.

Sumira Ali who is the chairperson of Bunge la Wananchi in Kisumu County has urged Luo leaders to encourage their constituents who are 18 years and above to come out, take ID cards and register as voters before the general elctions.

According to Mzee Onyango Ojwang’ who is a member of the Bunge la Wananchi, he has urged those in charge of identity card registration to help those who have not registered to register as soon as possible.

Youths have also been urged to ensure that they register as voters since this is the only way they can use to bring development close to them by electing the right leaders.

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