Maternity Leave For Expectant School Girls

Written by on September 24, 2021


The Ministries of Education and that of Interior has been urged to come up with measures of reducing teenage pregnancies that are now on the rise among school girls.

KUPPET secretary Kisumu branch Zablon Awange has said that if strong measures are put in place, then the teenage pregnancies will be reduced by a bigger percentage if not ending it at all.

Zablon says that as KUPPET, they have a proposal of giving expectant school girls maternity leave when they give birth so that they do not bring inconvenience to schools that admit them after giving birth.

Speaking to journalists in Kisumu, Awange said that school girls who have given birth should be given six months maternity leave before reporting back to school.

He went ahead to explain that giving such leave will also act as a warning to other girls who may think of engaging in activities that may lead to them getting pregnant.

He finished by saying that expectant girls do not concentrate in class and this lowers quality of education.

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