Strengthen Security and End Murder Cases

Written by on September 30, 2021


Kojwach residents in Rachuonyo East Sub-county have been urged to keep calm as the security agencies in the sub-county are planning to put up measures to end insecurity that has been rampant in the area.

Speaking to Sky FM, former Kojwach ward councillor Enock Osiemo Othira said that following a meeting he had with the security details at tje sub-county headquarters in Ramula on the ways that can be used to boost security in the region, he said that boosting security is something that is going to be implemented and murder cases that have been witnessed in the area must come to an end.

He went ahead to urging the citizens to work hand in hand with the police, as he requested the police to serve the locals with fairness. This comes after a man’s body was found in a borehole in Ringa and another one was found next to a river around Ringa girls and no suspect have been apprehended for the two murders.

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