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Under the current states of campaigns and duration of politicking in Kenya, many aspiring leaders more so for the top seat have come out to promise heaven on earth.  

The current discussions are actually mostly targeting youths since they occupy the larger part of the Kenyan population and a lot of promises are coming their way in exchange for their votes.

One of the biggest promise the youths have received was that given by the former Prime Minister Hon Raila Odinga few days ago which was offering unemployed youths cash transfers of ksh6000 monthly once he clings on the seat.

One of the biggest questions many are asking is on what basis and how is he planning to put into action this great idea in case he gets the job?

Raila termed the program as a “Social Protection Program” which aims to conduct cash transfers to the youths. Now looking at some of the countries that has this same kind of program is USA which according to many, is one of the most developed countries. 

This program has at some point worked in US though not to the best expected limit considering her state. This is because still there are some cities that are not yet receiving this program  

For example in Florida, only 7.6% of the unemployed youths are currently receiving this fund.  At the same time there are limits on the duration each individual is supposed to receive the funds in some cities and the limit is set at between 26weeks to 30weeks.

Coming back to Kenya according to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) report 2020, over 39% of the youths are unemployed and remember the Kenyan population is constituted by approximately 75% youths that’s equivalent to about 35.7 million out of the current total population which is 47.6 million.

According to the Star Newspaper dated 15th October 2021, Raila confirmed that, once he seals all the corruption loopholes that loot Sh2 billion daily, there would be enough resources to fund the program. 

Now on how effective this wonderful  idea would be to Kenyans is still a question we still are not able to answer considering some individuals still earn salaries of between 6k and below.

What decisions would our youths pick? Work and receive your Ksh 6000 pay from your employer or remain jobless and receive the Ksh 6000 from the government?

How is this going to affect the employers under the above bracket or is the government going to work with employers on this program?

This message is brought to you by sky FM in collaboration with Code for Africa’s ilab for Data Journalism program supported by DW Akademie.

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