MP Warns His Constituents Against Conmen On Social Media

Written by on January 14, 2022

Suna West Mp Hon. Peter Masara has warned his constituents to be very keen with some people on social media who pose themselves to be speaking on his behalf and telling people that he is helping people and therefore people should pay some amount before they get the MP’s help.

Masara who was speaking in Piny Oyie village in a function held to commence giving Health covers to needy families said that the conmen have been lying to the people and collecting alot of money from them using his name. He said that the claims are false, as he confirmed that his office and the CDF office do not need to be paid any amount before a Kenyan receives assistance.

He went ahead to urge Suna West residents who haven’t registered as voters as well as members of the ODM party to do so, as he stated that during the ODM party nominations, only those who have registered as party members will be allowed to participate.

He finished by requesting different leaders who are looking for votes in the area to hunt for votes peacefully and refrain from uttering words that might bring division and violence, as he said that as the MP, he wants to ensure that there is peace in Suna West.

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