Uncollected Identity Cards

Written by on January 14, 2022

After realization that a large number of identity cards have not been picked by their owners ahead of the second phase of voter registration, Young Turks for Handshake Alliance (YOTHA) have teamed up with chiefs and started the initiative of picking the cards and presenting them to their owners, and also helping them register as voters.

YOTHA national chairman Jaoko Oburu said that it is painful that majority of the people can fail to register as voters yet their identity cards have already been processed. He said that this is why they came up with the initiative of ensuring that the people receive their IDs as fast as possible and register as voters immediately.

Jaoko who was speaking in Kisumu was accompanied by all YOTHA Nyanza coordinators where Kisumu County coordinator Agnes Odongo explained that they have put up strategies of reaching out to young people to educate them on the importance of registering as voters since reports indicate that most young people do not have ID cards and have not registered as voters.

YOTHA Nyanza regional coordinator Elijah Oburu gave a stern warning to chiefs who want to be paid by the people before they present their ID cards to them to refrain from such acts.

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