Class Six Girl Rescued From Early Marriage

Written by on January 26, 2022

A class six girl was rescued this morning from an early marriage by angry villagers in Kombogo Kamolo village, Kachwanya sub-location, North Kabuoch location, Ndhiwa sub-county.

The girl aged 16 years who studies at a primary school in Kanyikela location was reported to be staying with a 25 year old man as the wife. According to Kachwanya sub-location chief Nancy Atieno, the girl stopped going to school one week ago before moving to stay with the purppoted husband in Kombogo Kamolo.

She went ahead to say that she received information about the act from the girl’s head teacher yesterday evening, though she has been getting the information about the girl’s marriage from locals as well. The locals attacked the man’s house today at 5am and took the man to ndhiwa police station as investigations continue.

She winded up by saying that the girl who was staying with her grandmother was forced by her parents to get married so that they can get a means of survival for the marriage.

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