Agent Attention Needed To Bring To An End Coup In Africa

Written by on February 4, 2022


By Simon Onyango:

The trend of military junta overthrowing the democratically elected leaders in West Africa has raised alarm and calls for action to tame the move.
Last week Tuesday attempted coup happened in Guinea Bissau a mid a wave of military takeovers in Mali , Guinea and Burkina Faso since August 2020.

Numerous meetings have been held by ECOWAS leaders to bring to an end this habit but none has bore any fruit.
International pressure for a return to constitutional rule has also been mounted on the military leaders who have grabbed power but none of the military rulers is yet to organize new elections.  
This is not only happening in West Africa but also in other parts of Africa, for example, Sudan has recently experienced attempted coup.

Should relevant authorities sit back and watch this happening without tangible move to end this? No! Something is wrong somewhere and therefore, something has to be done to bring this to speedy end.
In September 2021, the UN Secretary – General Antonio Guterres voiced concern that military coups are back and blamed lack of unity amongst the International Community in response to military interventions. He further warned that Geo- political divisions are undermining International Co-operation and a sense of impunity is taking hold.
What does this mean? It needs a joint hand, just from UN to ECOWAS to intervene in this matter to know the cause of this quagmire and how it can be brought to speedy end.

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