The Newly Signed NHIF Amendment Bill 2022 Deserves Praise

Written by on February 7, 2022

By Simon Onyango:

The new law propelling for a mandatory contribution for all towards NHIF deserves praise as it will bridge the gap between the poor and the rich.
According to Health CS Mutahi Kagwe, the government will not impoverish Kenyans when they are sick by putting them through another disadvantage of financial stress. 
On the other hand, Health CAS Dr. Mercy Mwangangi added that the law will ensure Kenyans are in one basket as the young Kenyan will pay for the old, the rich for the poor and those who are not sick paying for the sick.

Around 35.5% of Kenya’s population is living below the poverty line. According to latest report by UN, this basically means that more than one – third of the entire country cannot continually provide for basic needs.
Good health being one of the valuable commodities, has been a challenge to many, the cost of accessing healthcare has been high and therefore hinders many to access it. Through Universal Health Coverage (UHC) brought in by President Uhuru Kenyatta, it will now be possible for the poor to access quality healthcare.
We applaud H.E Uhuru Kenyatta for rolling out UHC and coming up with NHIF Amendment Bill 2022 to make it a success.

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