If Politicians Mean To Unite This Country, Then Our Political Parties / Coalitions Should Be Ideologically Driven

Written by on February 10, 2022

By Simon Onyango:

Peace and Unity are important pillars for the success of a country. The duo are determined by the political activities in a country – I mean, if political movements in a country are Ideologically driven instead of tribal lines then that country is assured of peace and unity.

In Kenya, there has been disunity towards and after general elections. This is because, our politicians have chosen the line of tribal parties/coalitions – for example, party X is for the tribe Y, party A for the tribe B, party C for the tribe D, and so on and so forth and therefore, you find it difficult for someone to survive with a strange party in a given backyard despite their favorable agenda.

Since 1860s, United States of America has been having two main political parties, that’s Republican Party and Democratic Party – these parties are driven with ideologies that best fit US citizens, this has enhanced peace and unity for decades in America.
Other countries like Britain, Denmark, German, Netherlands and many more have also toed the line and we’ve witnessed the results – people are more united than countries driven with tribal parties.

As the country is approaching August general elections, the country is getting more divided, politicians are crossing over to parties headed by their tribesmen, politicians gambling over party primaries, government officials resigning to seek political seats on their tribal parties, how then, do you expect a country to be united? Small tribal political parties are mushrooming, our politicians are the opinion leaders in our societies, we follow what they direct us to do. Do our politicians really mean well to our country? In my opinion No! These people are just satisfying their personal interest.
If they really mean well to this country, then let them start by introducing parties that are Ideologically driven instead of tribal parties, so that the country may achieve maximum peace and unity.

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