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Written by on February 11, 2022

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By Simon Onyango:

The World is socially, politically and economically changing, hence as a country, we must accept change – we should not be left behind .
Until 2016, exam cheating has been rampant in the country and this marked the exodus of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) .

The 8 – 4 – 4 system conceptualized in 1980s has been heavily exam – oriented with students conditioned to believe that you learn in order to pass exams rather than gaining skills and knowledge that are put into practice in real life.
As a student who have passed through 8-4-4 system, I can witness that what 8-4-4 system offered to us is the opposite of what the World needs outside here, we were taught how to pass exams and join colleges or universities – we ended up studying courses that were never meant for us – we did them out of pressure from parents and influence from peers and now we’re regretting, we are jobless, we lack skills needed in the job market, we’re no longer creative and innovative and therefore the world has rendered us useless.

The current world needs people who are creative and innovative, people who are skilled, people who are well nurtured, people who are responsible, people who are able to solve the current problems , people who can make better decisions not people graduating and waiting for white-collar jobs .
This is what CBC is bringing to the young generation, a practical aspect and workable education system, a generation well nurtured, responsible parents, a generation answerable for our surroundings and this is what the entire globe is embracing.

I hear some politicians criticizing the new Curriculum, promising to throw it away once they take power and I am convinced that some of our politicians do not mean well for the country.
Yes, CBC is still facing challenges but it should not be the case to reject it, we need to back it up, it is when it is being laid down and therefore it must pass through that process. Let’s support CBC fix our country in this swiftly changing world.

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