Political Parties Should Give Women Upper Hand In Elective Posts

Written by on February 16, 2022

NARC -KENYA Leader Martha Karua

By Simon Onyango

As clock ticks, Kenyans are soon voting in new leaders to represent them at different levels of government – starting from Members of County Assemblies to the top most seat in the land (President).
Until the devolved government, elective positions were mostly dominated by men. In order to achieve two – third gender rule, more positions were created for women and broader space in political arena but this has not achieved the two third gender rule.

For the past few years, we’ve tasted the leadership style of women – they are bold and ready to perform, they have positively competed men, in fact, they have outmatched many and I therefore agree with a phrase saying ; what a man can do a woman can do better.
So far, many women have been seen mushrooming to challenge men in positions that were left for men – the gubernatorial , senatorial and even MPs seats, it is no longer a male dominated society. These women are worth it and this is what we call a liberated society.

In America, women have proved that it is possible. We can recall very well how stiff competition it was between the former president Donald Trump and former Secretary of the state Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden nominating Kamala Harris to deputize him and many other prominent women in leadership.
In Kenya to achieve two – third gender rule, our political parties should give women upper hand during party primaries so that we can balance the leadership style, motherly leadership will ensure security of Kenyans.

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