Rogue Politicians To Be Barred From Attending Church Services

Written by on March 10, 2022

Some of the religious lobby groups in Homabay County have resorted to prevent rogue and violent politicians from attending their church services since the politicians are fond of abusing their competitors when given an opportunity to speak in the church.

Speaking in Homabay town, Pentecostal bishops accompanied by other leaders from different churches said that they won’t allow such politicians into their churches since as church leaders all they need is peace.

Bishop Francis Aloo and his fellow Bishop Elijah Kwanya said that they made the decision after speaking with different church leaders across the county. They said that the church is a holy place and its main purpose is teaching the word of the Lord and there is no need to do hate politics there.

Bishop Nyakoko went ahead to state that giving politicians opportunity to politick in church brought about chaos previously and they don’t want to witness that again. They finished by telling politicians in Homabay county to do peaceful politics.

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