Homabay Chiefs Warned Against Colluding With Defilement Suspects

Written by on June 3, 2022


Chiefs and their assistants in Homabay County have been given a stern warning against colluding with defilement suspects to interfere with the cases and letting the suspects go scot free.

Homabay County commissioner Moses Lilan said that they will take action against any chief or even their assistants incase they will come across any of them trying to cover defilement suspects, as he said that the defilement cases are now on the rise in Homabay county. 

He went ahead to say that the administrative officers are the first government eyes and they should be on the forefront in the fight against defilement.

According to Lilan, a total of not less than 10,016 children were defiled and fell into early pregnancy in the year 2021, and they have also gotten a report that another 2000 have gotten pregnant between January and April this year.

He finished by stating that any chief or assistant who will fail to report such cases will face the consequences of the law as he stated that anybody who will be found guilty of defilement must face the law.

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