Do Not Use Safarilink Airline- Kisumu Governor Instructs Staff

Written by on February 10, 2023

By: Jane Beatrice Obila

Kisumu Governor Prof. Anyang’ Nyongo’ has issued a statement instructing the county government staff not to use Safarilink airline as a way of protesting its high flight charges through a press release.

According to the governor, he was charged with Ksh. 19,000 from Nairobi to Kisumu an unusually higher amount different from the normal charges they usually pay which he says are between Ksh. 5,500 and Ksh. 7,000 whenever they use the same airline.

Nyong’o through the press release, however, indicated that he only paid the amount and used the flight because he had an urgent meeting to catch in Kisumu although he had to send a complaint to the airline’s management.

Press Release by Governor Nyong’o

He further questioned why the airline wants to rip off obscene profits from its unsuspecting passengers and instructed all the County Government of Kisumu staff not to use the same airline for any official trip.

Management of Safarilink airline, however, replied to the governor’s press release saying that the amount he was charged was according to the procedures they follow during the booking process.

Flight charges, said the management, vary because of different factors such as demand, the peak of travel days, and time of booking.

It further expressed that Nyongo’ did the booking when the flight was about to take off hence Ksh.19,000 was charged per the seat that was remaining.

Giving clarity to the flight charges, the management said that fare from Nairobi to Kisumu ranges between Ksh. 5,500 and Ksh. 19,000.

The aforementioned airline which has been operating for 19 years, however, offered regrets that it is only negative things that are being aired despite the many supports it has been offering to the county government among them sponsorship of various projects.  

It, however, assured to remain loyal in serving the governor and Kisumu county with regular flights and providing support as well.

Letter from Safarilink

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