Kisumu ‘Dancing’ Chief to Give 150 Homeless Youths National Identity Cards

Written by on February 15, 2023

By: Jane Beatrice Obila

As a way of promoting easy identification of marginalized people in the country, 150 street youths of the Northern sub-location in Kisumu Central are set to receive National Identification Cards (ID).

This is after a mobilization drive pioneered by Mr. John Migun (dancing chief), Assistant Chief Northern sub-location in partnership with Benson Abila, Founder and Executive Director of  Homeless of Kisumu.

Speaking at Kisumu National Library today, Migun said that the IDs will help street youths secure jobs and enjoy other benefits as registered citizens of Kenya as well.

On the employment part, he echoed that they will help those issued with IDs get employed in the nearest industries for jobs such as loading and unloading goods, and cleaning. This is to curb scenarios where street youths are used by some people to commit heinous crimes for a living.

He further explained that they are reaching out to these youths through sensitization and creating awareness of the ongoing process to help them reach the aforementioned number to be registered.

“We are doing sensitization as a medium of passing information about this ongoing process to the street youths. Benson and I have our people on the ground who are helping us create awareness,” he said.  

He clarified that they are vetting the youths who are registering for the IDs by scrutinizing their documents and asking them questions to make sure they give the correct information to be used during the application process.

Migun further explained that giving IDs will help in bringing back sanity in the Northern sub-location as it will help them in engaging the youths in various tasks that will keep them busy and prevent crimes they might commit as a result of idleness.

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