Fake News: President Ruto’s Cow Did Not Give Birth To Triplets

Written by on April 12, 2023

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei on Tuesday, April 11 took to his Twitter page to announce that President William Ruto’s cow had given birth to triplets.

Cherargei attached a photo of a cow and three healthy-looking claves claiming that it was a symbolic meaning of President Ruto’s leadership.

“H.E Ruto cow gives birth to triplets of his symbolic leadership. 5 years of backfilling debt hole created by Uhuru + Raila into economic transformation, 5 yrs for economic stability, 5yrs of Kenya prosperity of milk + honey… 15 yrs of uninterrupted economic transformation,” Cherargei stated.

A spot check by Sky 106.1 FM found that the picture Senator Cherargei posted was not real as it was first posted on Facebook by CRV Deutschland on January 30, 2023.

The page also shared a series of photos taken on the farm where the calves were born with two young boys Jason and Jonas celebrating their birth.

“Brothers Jason and Jonas were not badly surprised when their favorite cow Elisa gave birth to not one but directly three calves without any problems. Since then, the three calves Emma, Ella and Emil have enjoyed best health and abundant cuddles and are diligently fed by the two proud brothers from Lichtenau every day,” the page posted.

Senator Cherargei is yet to bring down the post despite facing a backlash online from Kenyans.

In his clarification, the UDA MP stated that it was a figurative post on President Ruto’s leadership.

“KOT should learn figurative language! If KOT were hardworking the way they have googled the cow and calves’ picture, then we would be the first world economy!” he clarified.

We looked into this claim stating that Dr. William Ruto’s cow had given birth to triplets and found it to be false.

This fact check was produced by Sky 106.1 FM

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