Truth Behind Linet Toto’s Claims That the Government Will Print Money To Pay Civil Servants

Written by on April 12, 2023

A poster circulating on social media platforms quoting Bomet Women Representative Linet Toto about government printing money is fake.

The poster, which had a fake Citizen Digital logo is yet to substantiated where it originated from. The font used is also not the standard that is used by Citizen Digital.

According to the fake image, Toto claimed that the Kenya Kwanza government has resorted to printing money to pay civil servants their March salaries, which have been delayed.

“Kenya Kwanza government will print money next week to pay public servants and loans. This will lower the cost of living,” the fake poster read.

This comes after President William Ruto admitted that the government is facing challenges in paying civil servants their March salaries. The Head of State however ruled out taking new loans to pay the delayed salaries.

“We had issues of delayed salaries which somebody is the first time that we are having delayed salaries, yes it’s the first time we are delaying salaries but also the first time we are having such monumental debts.

“I want to assure the country that the situation is managed we have turned the corner, and we are not going to borrow money to spend on recurrent expenditures including salaries,” Ruto stated.

President’s Economic Council chairperson David Ndii in an interview on Tuesday, April 10 stated that the delayed salaries will be cleared by next week.

“Payroll for civil servants will be cleared next week. We are still being able to raise money. Next week we have 200 million dollars coming in from a syndicated loan. It is not a crisis,” said Ndii.

We looked into this claim stating that Bomet Women Representative said that the government will print money to pay civil servants and found it to be false.

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