Fake News: Kenyan Ambassador to Germany Tom Amolo Has Not Been Evicted

Written by on April 15, 2023

File image of Ambassador Tom Amolo

Reports that Kenyan Ambassador to Germany Tom Amolo has been evicted from Kenyan House in Berlin are false.

The reports emerged after NTV Kenya published a story claiming that several Kenyan attachés in Germany and Belgium are struggling to make ends meet following six months of unpaid salaries.

The media house quoted Belgut Member of Parliament Nelson Koech who is said to have claimed that the Kenyan Ambassador to Germany has gone into alcohol over his unpaid salary.

“We have seen his (ambassador) video clip circulating. He has gone into alcohol as a result. It is very important that we look into this,” Koech said.

He added, “Our attaches have not been paid for the past 6 months. Some of them have been threatened with eviction.”

Ambassador Amolo in a statement on April 14 disputed the claims noting that he has not been evicted from Kenya House in Berlin noting that the building is owned by the Kenyan government.

He also stated that salaries of Kenyan attaches are up to date and the claims that they have not been disbursed for six months are false.

“I have seen incredible fiction that I have been evicted from Kenya House,Berlin& that we have not been paid our salaries. 1st, Kenya Government Owns Kenya House. So no one can be evicted. Second, our salaries from Foreign Office KE are up to date. Cease & desist,” Ambassador Amolo tweeted.

This comes after President Ruto acknowledged that the Kenyan government was having difficulties in paying Civil servants their March salaries due to maturing debts.

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