Director Trevor unveils Rael Wangare as Mungai Eve’s replacement

Written by on February 21, 2024

Rael Wangare has replaced digital content creator Mungai Eve on Director Trevor’s YouTube channel which he has since changed name to Kenya Online Media.

Director Trevor confirmed his split from Eve on Monday saying “her services are no longer needed”.

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago,” he said.

In her first appearance on the new channel as Eve’s replacement, Wangare said her entry marks “the beginning of new times”.

 “What you have for so long known as Mungai Eve Media has now got a new name to it, Kenya Online Media…under the stewardship of the one and only Director Trevor,” she said.

Wangare said the identity of the other crew members will in the interim remain a guarded secret but she revealed that Captain Nyota is part of the revamped team.

She confirmed the split between Director Trevor and Eve saying before rumour mills started doing the rounds this January, the couple had actually not been seeing each other for a year.

“Hawa watu waliachana in February, 2023. This was also the time when Trevor began a media page on Facebook,” she said.

“The two decided to work together for the rest of the year and now they have decided to go their separate ways.”

She advised their fans to “stop hurting on behalf of Mungai Eve and Trevor” saying change is always for the better.

“Let’s not put our noses in other people’s businesses so much.”

Eve, who flew out to Zanzibar for vacation on Tuesday, hasn’t responded to the ensuing drama but in an interview before last year’s Madaraka Day festivities, she said their brand had changed from Mungai Eve to Mungai Eve media and she was doing less interviews because they were recruiting new interviewers.

“We are recruiting more and more interviewers. What people don’t know is Mungai Eve as a company has so many people that work there it’s just that maybe you don’t see them,” she said.

“Right now our team comprises of about 15 people and it continues to grow,” she added.

Eve nonetheless admitted that their relationship was like any other and was not devoid of disagreements but they mutually agreed not to air their dirty linen in public.

“Each and every relationship has its own challenge and I wouldn’t say ours is perfect. We have disagreements, we have fights but I don’t think it’s okay for us to bring them online…I don’t think that is a side we would like to bring to you guys,” she said then.

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