I Loved You But Tables Are Turning,’ Bishop Wanjiru Warns Ruto, Gachagua After Church Raid

Written by on March 8, 2024

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru of the Jesus is Alive Ministries has issued a scathing rebuke to President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua following a contentious raid on her church premises by police officers. 

Flanked by a host of church members, Bishop Wanjiru expressed her anguish and frustration during a press conference on Thursday in the aftermath of the confrontation with law enforcement officials. 

“I was one of the founding members of UDA. I campaigned for a whole year when others came to just steal what I had worked for, yet I let go,” declared Wanjiru, highlighting her long-standing support for the government.

“I have loved you, my president. I have loved you, my deputy president. I have loved your family. When you call, I obey. But behold, from this day… tables are turning.” 

The Bishop’s remarks underscored her deep-seated disappointment and feeling of betrayal over the government’s actions, particularly regarding the raid on her church premises on Haille Sellasie Avenue in Nairobi.

She went on to detail the ordeal, alleging mistreatment by police officers, including physical assault and harassment, during the confrontation over a land dispute. 

“This Margaret Wanjiru that was beaten, my clothes lifted up by young men who are police. They touched my thighs… me? A woman of God. I want to make a very sweet promise to you,” continued Wanjiru, her voice charged with emotion. “Believe you me, you will look for me. You went for Benny Hinn to America. For me, you will look for me. I’m not moving, and I’m not going anywhere. I will be here.”

She expressed solidarity with those who have suffered similar injustices and vowed to seek justice through all available means.

“We are hurting, we are bleeding, but behold,” declared Wanjiru in an impassioned address. “This fight is in the heavens. You are using the MD Kenya Railways. I pity his family. Because as I cried yesterday, even his family plus yours are not exempted, my tears will pay.”

The parcel of land on which Bishop Wanjiru’s Jesus is Alive Ministries church sits is claimed to be one of the prime government lands in Nairobi’s Central Business District targetted for recovery by the EACC.

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