Two Suspected ‘Pishori Babes’ Arrested For Drugging, Robbing Male Clubber In Thika

Written by on March 11, 2024

wo women suspected to be part of the notorious ‘Pishori babes’ gang were apprehended after allegedly drugging and robbing a male clubber at VSpot Nightlife in Thika town.

The incident unfolded on Friday night when the club supervisor became alarmed upon witnessing the two women forcibly escorting a visibly intoxicated male patron to his Toyota Crown parked outside the establishment.

Concerned for the man’s safety, the supervisor attempted to intervene, only to be shocked by the women’s brazen actions.

Police quoting eyewitnesses said that one of the women was seen spraying an unknown substance onto her breasts before proceeding to engage in a bizarre act of “breastfeeding” the unconscious man.

“Before any further action could be taken, the victim had already passed out, leaving the women free to steal his ATM cards and personal documents,” police said.

With the help of fellow staff members, the supervisor managed to detain the suspects as they attempted to flee the scene. Law enforcement officers from Thika station promptly responded to the incident and found the incapacitated man inside his vehicle, alongside a bottle of alcohol containing a suspicious white substance at the bottom.

Upon searching the suspects, police said, additional tablets of an unidentified drug were discovered in their possession. The women were subsequently arrested and placed in custody, while the victim was transported to a nearby hospital for medical attention. The confiscated evidence has been sent to the government chemist for further analysis.

Authorities have issued a warning to club-goers, particularly men, to remain vigilant against such predatory criminals who target vulnerable individuals for robbery after incapacitating them with drugs. Incidents of drugging and robbery have tragically resulted in loss of life in some cases, underscoring the importance of exercising caution and staying within the company of trusted friends while enjoying nightlife activities.

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