Ahero Rice Farmers Count Loses As a result of floods.

Written by on April 10, 2024

Rice farmers in Ahero, Kisumu County are counting losses after floods swept off their plantations.

The National Irrigation Authority (NIA) in charge of the Ahero and West Kano irrigation schemes says the flooding caused by the burst of River Nyando on Saturday has affected over 800 acres of rice plantations. 

Mary Atieno who is a rice farmer in Ahero says all the farms have been washed away by the raging flood waters.

“We are really counting a very big loss because the situation is very bad and we are not sure when this will come to an end. “She says.

Mary urges the government to come to their rescue and give a lasting solution to their problems so that when the same floods could be experienced in the near future, they don’t incur the same loss.

She says that most farmers took loans to enable the farming process run smooth but now many of them are counting massive losses that the flooding may continue.

The floods have displaced hundreds in Nyando, rendering people homeless.

By Phenny Waga.

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