Kirinyaga Women Forced To Dress Like Men To Scare Monkeys From Farms

Written by on June 7, 2024

Residents of Mugamba Ciura in Murinduko ward, Mwea, Kirinyaga County, have expressed concerns over a high number of monkeys destroying food crops in their farms.

According to the residents, the monkeys have become a nuisance in the village; invading homes, destroying property and harassing women and children.

Often times, women are forced to dress like men just to scare away the monkeys.

 Other households are forced to assign young men to guard their homes and farms against monkey invasion.

“The monkeys only tend to fear young men, I guess it’s because they chase them into the bushes, or stone them.

 “They don’t seem to fear us women, or children and even old men,” noted Alice Wakabari – adding that the monkeys really harass them, and even make annoying gestures at them.

They will even come very close to you – said Wakabari.

Some of the women told media that they have had to dress like men; wear trousers, hoodies – even change their voices to scare away the monkeys – but the primates seem to have intrinsic senses which helps them to distinguish sexes.

It doesn’t help matters that most young men – are in school or out at work in cities – leaving behind aged mothers to contend with the annoying primates.

The monkeys are very stubborn and bold to the point they enter houses to steal food,” said Esther Njeri.

The women  residents are asking Kenya wildlife services to find a permanent solution to the problem.

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