Author: Celine Abuga

ODM Party leader Raila Odinga assured Kenyans that fuel prices in the country will drop this week to the delight of many. This claim has been circulating in different newspapers and social media.  We looked into the issue this week by reaching out different petrol stations as well as fuel consumers and found out it […]

Now an online survey launched in January by a nonprofit called Stop Street Harassment offers some of that missing evidence. It found that 81 percent of women and 43 percent of men had experienced some form of sexual harassment during their lifetime. New research from Women in News on sexual harassment in African media organizations […]

High Court judge Teresia Matheka has declared that being a housewife should be considered a full-time job. This information has been misinterpreted by many Kenyans that husbands will be paying their housewives monthly salary and this has created confusion in social media. The judge, who was presiding over a matrimonial property dispute, said that it […]

Several claims have been made on social media about covid-19 vaccines side effects thus creating fear in people not going for vaccines. Some of these side effects have been exaggerated including that they will die after two years thus creating fear and several research have been conducted by different organizations such as World Health Organization […]

There have been claim on the drop in the use of contraceptives since the onset of Covid – 19 in Kenya, this may see Kenya record an increased number of unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions, a report by the Ministry of Health shows. We looked into the Ministry of Health- Kenya report and some NGOs on […]

  Gi Odalo Fred Achijego moting’o Sammy Michuki maneen jalup jataa chenro maduong’ kata Director ebad kambi moro kod Rodgers Nzioki mane en achiel kuom jodito eweche omenda e NYS, owe thuolo kalure kod kwayo mochiw kod jamin wach e doho kata Director of Public Prosecution (DPP). Burano ong’ad oko kod Trial magistrate Peter Ooko […]

  Gi Odalo Fred Ker mapachokaa moluor Uhuru Kenyatta okwayo kendo jiwo weg kwonde timo limbe mondo omed bero kuondego eyor keto weche limbe malo. Kenyatta lero ni chenro malong’o ka ok oketi e weche mag limbe to onge ber moro amora ma gibiroyudo. Magi duto olero ekinde mane otwak eyepo ayanga mar lai mag […]

  Gi Odalo Fred Governor ma Kisumu County Ngire Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o owuok oko kendo golo pache ewi midhiero mar yiero kod ombulu masani okwako piny libamba ma Democratic Republic of Congo (drc).  Pinjonogo mar DRC yande odhie yiero maduong’ mar ker juma mokalo to katakamano nyaka gi ekindeni pokolandi dwoko ayanga. Lipota marwa Odalo […]

Jalup county commissioner ma Rongo migosi Joseph satia onyiso jonyuol kanyakla kod nyithindo ma ikore mar dhi timo penj mar class 8 Kod 12 mondo obed motang kod achudhe ma sani osewuok oko mar wuondo jopuonjre ni gin KO’d penj ma giuso ka okonegi ni onge penj Moro amora ma osekwal ma iuso kamoro amora […]

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