Author: Moses Telloh

Bodaboda men in Migori County wants traffic police to help them in the hands of rogue drivers who have not been following traffic rules and keep on hitting most of the bodaboda riders. Speaking from the ward in Migori County Referral Hospital, the bodaboda association of Migori County assistant chair Silvance Oluoch Oyugi says that […]

Oruba residents in Suna-West sub-county in Migori county have come out to demand explanation from Suna West police why three Tanzanian residents who were arrested in the area with a school girl and taken to the police station were later left free without being arrained in court and charged for defilement. Led by Oruba Siany […]

Two school girls aged 14 and 15 years were found unconscious by the roadside in Kuria West sub-county after drinking too much alcohol. Confirming the incident, Kuria West police commander Clearty Kimahio said that after getting from the locals who had found the girls drunk and unconscious by the roadside, they hurried to the scene […]

Parents in Migori County have been urged to be close to their children when they are visiting counsellors for advice at a time of teenage pregnancy and other challenges. Speaking to Sky fm about teenage pregnancies in Migori County, the Migori County ODM chairman Philip Mc’Abong’o told parents that the problem that has made fighting […]

South Sakwa residents in Awendo Sub-County are staying in fear of drinking dirty water which can lead them to contracting diseases since there are no places where they can get clean water as per now in the area. Led by Martine Ondong’, the residents say that they risk contracting diseases like cholera. Ondong’ says that […]

Migori Youth Bunge Sacco chairman Julias Ogandi has told the youths in Migori to make sure that come next year, they make sure that they elect leaders who will care about there interests and bring development close to them. Ogandi told youths in the Luo nation to have agenda that they want their leaders to […]

An accident occurred along Ranen-Rongo road where a vehicle lost control and hit an electric pole before swerving into a shop. Confirming the incident, Awendo police commander Mary Wakuu, she said that the small car hit an electric pole then swerved into a shop in Ranen. She said there was no death confirmed as the […]

Police officers in Awendo sub-county are searching for a car that caused an accident on the Ranen-Rongo road that left one person dead yesterday evening. According to Kanyasrega sub-location Assistant Chief Ezekiel Kokeyo, the accident happened yesterday evening, where a person whose identity has not yet been revealed was walking along the road from Jwelu […]

Coordinator ma tayo chenro mag kute mag ayaki e county ma Migori onyiso oganda e bomano matiyo kod yedhe ma dwoko chien teko mag ayaki chien (ARVS) mondo kik luor dhi e osiptende mane gindikore ni gikawe yedhego mondo ginyal kawo yath ka okoni kata obedo ni yedhego sani tin to oganda jo migori pod […]

Obila e Sub-county ma Awendo dhi nyime kod timo nonro mar yango wede miyo moro mane oyudi ka thoo kendo ringrene osekethore e dhoo aora ma Nyabwanga e gwenge mag kanyamgony e Awendo odhiambo ma nyoro. Kane oyango wachnoero commamnder mar obila ma Awendo mikai Mary Wakuu ne okoni ne oyudi lipot mar miyono ma […]

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