Author: Odhiambo Shem

A twitter post claiming that ocean levels are the same as they were 1000 years ago is false. “There is no climate change, only normal cycles with small differences. The ocean levels are the same as carved in the cliffs 1k years ago, exact. We are in the small natural cooling cycle and the northern […]

A twitter post claiming that the earth was 2°C hotter 55,000 years ago than it is now is false. “B.S. Climate is geological and cyclical. 55,000 years ago the Earth was 2°C hotter than it is now. Guess what? The planet survived and so did humans!” states the claim. Teams of scientists do drill ice […]

A twitter post claiming that volcanoes produce more carbon dioxide (CO2) than human activities is false. “Global warming is not real and just volcanoes emit 100x more CO2 than all human activity. Even if anthropogenic global warming was real, China and India don’t care. Not worth destroying our country over,” states the claim. According to […]

A twitter post claiming that we are heading into another ice age is false. “We are heading into another ice age! You will likely die in an old refrigerator that someone didn’t take the door off of!” states the claim. Just a few centuries ago, the planet experienced a mild ice age, quaintly dubbed the […]

A claim going around on social media handles that CO2 is not bad since plants need it to survive is partly false. “So stupid! Who came up with the idea CO2 is bad? Plants need CO2 to survive. No CO2, no life!” States the claim. According to Yale Climate Connections, The basics of climate change […]

A twitter post claiming that the death of fish in Lake Victoria is as a result of poisoning is false. “If you own a fish cage in Lake Victoria, newspaper reports last week had substantial coverage of fish in those cages dying through poisoning. I was named after the Angel responsible for good news, but […]

A twitter post claiming that hurricanes are not linked to global warming is false. “Hurricanes aren’t linked to global warming. “According to the National Hurricane Center, storms are no more intense or frequent worldwide than they have been since 1850. Constant 24-7 media coverage of every significant storm worldwide just makes it seem that way.” […]

A twitter post claiming that it’s too late and there is nothing that can be done to solve climate change is untrue. “People don’t seem to understand, it’s too late. Even if every polluter was stopped today, every car, truck, factory, power plant, everything… Climate change is going to displace and/or kill BILLIONS of people. […]

The twitter post claiming that climate models are inaccurate is not true. “I don’t agree with Mastriano. Climate change is not scientific at all. Climate change has been occurring since the dawn of time on Earth and has been in flux forever. Climate models are not scientific, and not one has been accurate in over […]

A twitter post claiming that there is no global warming since it’s cold outside is false. “Yes it’s summer and it’s hot outside. It’s supposed to be hot, that’s why it’s summer, that’s what it’s all about! There is no Global Warming taking place or so-called climate change. It’s supposed to be hot in the […]

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