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Photo of controversial Pastor Paul Mackenzie wearing an ODM Party branded t-shirt has been altered. The fake photo was first posted on April 25 by Lord Godwin Barasa on Facebook. He claimed that the embattled pastor had asked Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga to save him from political persecution. “If indeed Pastor Paul Mackenzie […]

A photo of a young emaciated man sitting on the floor and vowing to fast until controversial Pastor Paul Mackenzie is released is false. The photo was shared on Facebook by Allan Mburu accompanied by a swahili caption “Sikuli na sikunywi adi Maji,mpaka pst Mackenzie aachiliwe. Pst Mackenzie diehard supporter,claims!” which loosely translates to “I […]

A photo of Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga dressed like people performing magical incantations which is doing rounds on social media has been altered. The image was fabricated to make it look like the former Prime Minister was doing something fishy while he was out of the country in late April. The fake photo […]

Reports circulating on social media that the Malaysian Airplane MH30 that went missing in 2014 has been discovered under the sea are false. The fake reports shared on Twitter claim that the plane was found under the ocean with no trace of human remains. A reverse image search on photos shared online purporting to be […]

Reports that retired President Uhuru Kenyatta stated that the Kenya Defence Forces will defend Kenyans if the police fail to do so are false. The fake report was first shared on Twitter by Peter Kariuki on April 26, 2023 moments after the former Head of State visited the Jubilee Party headquarters in Kileleshwa Nairobi after […]

A video doing rounds on social media purporting to show that Defence Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale admitting that Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga won the 2022 presidential elections has been altered. The 20 seconds video, which was first posted on Tiktok shows Duale saying that he is a Muslim and he doesn’t lie. “It’s […]

 A photo showing First Lady Rachel Ruto attending a church service together with controversial Pastor Paul Mackenzie is fake. The fake photo which was posted by a Twitter user by the name of Rein has got over one hundred and fifty thousand views on the platform. A spot check by Sky 106 FM found out […]

A twitter post claiming that renewable energy is very expensive is false. “Renewable” energy is environmentally destructive and much more expensive than fossil fuels. The poor and middle class are going to suffer the most,” states the claim. According to a study published on September 13, 2022 in the journal Joule, a rapid transition to […]

A twitter post claiming that methane produced by cows doesn’t cause global warming is false. “Yes, the little amount of methane cows produce isn’t going to cause global warming,” states the claim. According to the University of California Davis (UC Davis), each cow produces almost 220 pounds of methane annually. Methane on its own has […]

A twitter post claiming that extreme weather events are no more frequent is false. “Extreme weather is not happening more in any way. Propaganda,” states the claim. A study published in March 2023 in the journal Nature Water indicates that there has been a sharp increase in the intensity of extreme drought and rainfall over […]

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