By Simon Onyango: It’s now 19th day since Russia invaded Ukraine and already the poor African countries are feeling the pressure.Just to bring a bit of facts of Russia and Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine are major exporters of food globally, with the two exporting almost 12% of total calories traded in the world .Again, the […]

By Collins Teurey, 26th, February,2022. Sagana III meeting held on 23rd, February, 2022 at the Sagana State Lodge seems to have unburdened speculations and ripped bare some of the pertinent questions that Kenyans and political leaders across all divides  have been asking, largely borrowing from the lengthy speech by the head of state as he […]

By: COLLINS TEUREY. Utterances made by former Lang’ata MP Stanley Livondo on the alleged assassination of the president have been for days a talk around the table of fear and questions begging for answers. The claims made by the politician not only came as a shocker to many Kenyans but also have had  far-reaching implications […]

By Simon Onyango: The World is changing, the population is swiftly increasing, the job market is flocked, people are losing jobs, “Youths” are jobless but should we sit back and wait for employment? Yes, the World is changing but it comes with positivity and negativity – now, should we take the advantage of the positive […]

By Simon OnyangoAll Kenyans, all workers, all civil servants are human beings and equal before the laws of Kenya and therefore should be treated equally despite the type or kind of job they are doing. The new maternity leave adopted by the TSC ; Female teachers now eligible to fully paid 4 – months maternity […]

By Simon Onyango As clock ticks, Kenyans are soon voting in new leaders to represent them at different levels of government – starting from Members of County Assemblies to the top most seat in the land (President).Until the devolved government, elective positions were mostly dominated by men. In order to achieve two – third gender […]

By Simon Onyango: Life is one of the most precious commodities gifted by God. To have a good life, you must have good health, but this depends on the individual’s behaviour and the amount or level of resources invested by the Government in Health System – more so the latter.According to World Health Organization, 50% […]

By Simon Onyango: Until March 2020, things were okay in our learning Institutions, learning was running smoothly and transition from one level to another was done normally, with the arrival of Covid19 in the country, everything changed , all sectors of economy were negatively affected, more so, the sector of education – schools were closed […]

By Simon Onyango: The World is socially, politically and economically changing, hence as a country, we must accept change – we should not be left behind .Until 2016, exam cheating has been rampant in the country and this marked the exodus of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) . The 8 – 4 – 4 system conceptualized […]

By Simon Onyango: Peace and Unity are important pillars for the success of a country. The duo are determined by the political activities in a country – I mean, if political movements in a country are Ideologically driven instead of tribal lines then that country is assured of peace and unity. In Kenya, there has […]

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