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By: Jane Beatrice Obila   National Democratic Institute (NDI), a consortium of Non- governmental organizations in Kisumu, held a meeting to examine and review the audit report of Financial Years (FY) 2018/19 and 2019/20 recently released by the auditor general.As indicated in the audit report, Kisumu County cannot account for Sh. 7.1 billion and Sh4.3 […]

By: Jane Beatrice Obila Kisumu Governor Prof. Anyang’ Nyongo’ has issued a statement instructing the county government staff not to use Safarilink airline as a way of protesting its high flight charges through a press release. According to the governor, he was charged with Ksh. 19,000 from Nairobi to Kisumu an unusually higher amount different […]

A twitter post claiming that extreme weather conditions are not influenced by climate change is false. “Extreme weather is not influenced by climate change. Just read farmer almanacs. Honestly there are sunspots, volcanoes (very hot lava) and earthquakes which are not from climate change and affect the weather. Not myth,” states the claim. Weather is […]

A twitter post claiming that global warming was renamed climate change since the earth wasn’t warming is false. “Remember their embarrassment when ‘global warming’ was the thing while the earth was experiencing the lowest temperatures ever? They then renamed it Climate Change and blamed farting cows while at the same time chemtrailing the skies to […]

A twitter post claiming that livestock don’t cause climate change is false. “I have often said this when people talk about cows and sheep causing climate change. No, they give back to the environment. It’s the en masse grain production that destroys everything. Including harming the livestock and slowly killing humans. It’s all absurd,” states […]

A twitter post claiming that oceans and wildlife have never been polluted, damaged or killed by oil spills is false. “Thank God the oceans and wildlife have never been polluted, damaged, or killed by oil spills,” states the claim. Immediately after an oil disaster, the effects on seabirds, fish as well as other marine animals […]

There is no confirmed vacancy in the commission so far. A YouTube video claiming that the former Kenya National Union Of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary-General Wilson Sossion is the new Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Chief Executive Officer is FALSE. The information was published by a YouTube channel bearing the name “Shifting Grades” that currently has 25,700 […]

A Facebook account bearing the National Police Service (NPS) Spokesperson’s name Resila Onyango is an IMPOSTER. The Facebook account has on numerous occasions been seen sharing posts claiming to be those from the NPS Spokesperson. In a post dated  17th November 2022  for example, the author took the position of Dr Onyango in congratulating the […]

A Facebook account publishing posts claiming that Charlene Ruto is offering loans to the public is an IMPOSTER account. A Facebook account  bearing the name Churlyn Rutto that claims to be that of President William Ruto’s eldest daughter has in many occasions been seen circulating different posts that claims she is offering quick loans to […]

A twitter post claiming that glaciers are growing is false. ” Glaciers are growing, the earth is safe!” states the claim. Glaciers are slow moving masses of ice over land, and are sensitive indicators of climate change.   According to a research by two glaciologists from the University of Ottawa Canada, William Kochtitzky and Luke Copland, […]

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