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By Simon Onyango: Until March 2020, things were okay in our learning Institutions, learning was running smoothly and transition from one level to another was done normally, with the arrival of Covid19 in the country, everything changed , all sectors of economy were negatively affected, more so, the sector of education – schools were closed […]

Finally, the County Assembly of Homabay found a new clerk after Faith Adhiambo Apuko officially took oath of office today. The swearing in that was led by Homabay Law Courts Senior Magistrate Tom Orlando at the County Assembly left Faith as the clerk of the County Assembly. This comes after the former clerk resigned due […]

By Simon Onyango: The World is socially, politically and economically changing, hence as a country, we must accept change – we should not be left behind .Until 2016, exam cheating has been rampant in the country and this marked the exodus of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) . The 8 – 4 – 4 system conceptualized […]

By Simon Onyango: Peace and Unity are important pillars for the success of a country. The duo are determined by the political activities in a country – I mean, if political movements in a country are Ideologically driven instead of tribal lines then that country is assured of peace and unity. In Kenya, there has […]

By Simon Onyango: Of late, domestic killings have skyrocketed in Kenya – it has rose eyebrows of many, parents are killing their young ones before committing suicide, women killing their husbands and vice versa -this might be a normal thing to some – especially, if you’ve not witnessed one or it has not reached you( […]

By Simon Onyango: Parents are the most important people in the lives of young children. From birth, children rely on parents to provide them with the care they deserve. It’s their duty to protect their children’s rights until they are old enough to make their own way in the world – more so, girls.This has […]

Some of the Homabay County residents have said that they won’t accept someone to be forced on them as their governor in the August elections. They maintained that they are the ones who know what they have passed through since the conception of the County governments in the year 2013. Led by Felix Otieno Alosi […]

By Simon Onyango: The new law propelling for a mandatory contribution for all towards NHIF deserves praise as it will bridge the gap between the poor and the rich.According to Health CS Mutahi Kagwe, the government will not impoverish Kenyans when they are sick by putting them through another disadvantage of financial stress. On the other […]

By Simon Onyango: In his speech in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, President Uhuru Kenyatta admitted that Africa has made significant progress in Malaria fight, this win he linked to a Four -Point Program implemented by African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA); digitization and score – card accountability and action plans, multi – sectoral advocacy, action and resource […]

By Simon Onyango: Education is the face of politics, religion, and culture in a country. It nurtures young people to be leaders of tomorrow, to shape a country – more so, the higher learning institutions.Universities provide the professional training for high-level jobs, it also help in providing with the new knowledge and skills needed to […]

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