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A letter circulating on social media claiming that Eldas Member of Parliament (MP) Adan Keynan has resigned is FALSE. The letter, posted on 6 January 2023, alleged that Keynan decided to resign due to clan wrangles and health complications.  “MP RESIGNS. In a rare occurrence to happen in Kenya Eldas Member of Parliament Aden Keynan […]

This image posted on Twitter claiming to show a man kicking a riot shield during the Kamukunji rally held on 7th December, 2022 by Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga is FALSE. The photo was accompanied by a caption that reads: “Live pictures from #Kamukunji.” The photo was shared online as the Kamukunji rally […]

The Royal Media Services has disowned the image. A Facebook post purportedly showing Citizen TV referring to Raila Odinga as a Bondo resident is ALTERED. The post reads: “From prime minister to mkaazi wa Bondo[] Weeeeh[][][][][][][][][][][][][][] Citizen TV Kenya [][][][][][].” The image has Citizen TV’s branding and describes Odinga as ‘Mkaazi, Bondo’, which is Swahili for a Bondo resident. Bondo is a town in Siaya County […]

The picture is from July 2021, when the retired president was serving his second term. A Facebook post with a photo claiming to be of former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta enjoying village life after retirement is FALSE. The 29 September 2022 photo features Uhuru outdoors with three people. The image is accompanied by the caption, “Retired President […]

e-Citizen Kenya has disowned the account attributed to them and their twitter account is verified. A Twitter account claiming to belong to e-Citizen Kenya and asking customers to share their mobile phone numbers is FAKE. e-Citizen is an official digital payment platform that enables Kenyan citizens, residents and visitors to access and pay for government services online. You […]

The video is a compilation of the images of Odinga and Ruto, with a narration of the president’s response to the politician on the cost of living. A YouTube video claiming to show Kenya’s former Prime Minister Raila Odinga threatening to blow up the country has a FALSE HEADLINE. The video’s headline, which is partly in Swahili, […]

The Interior Ministry and Kindiki have denounced the claim. A Facebook post purportedly quoting Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Administration of National Government Kithure Kindiki on pocketless uniform for Kenyan police is FALSE. “Kenya Police to wear pocket less (sic) uniforms,” the post reads. The issue of pocketless police uniforms is not new in Kenya. In 2016, […]

The demonstrators are digital taxi drivers protesting against e-hailing companies. A tweet claiming to show a video of Kenyans demonstrating against President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s administration is FALSE. “Demonstration in town against President Ruto and Gachagua,” the tweet claims. A video of people demonstrating on the street purportedly against the Kenyan administration is […]

A twitter post claiming that global snow cover has increased is false. “Climate models from the 1970s have consistently predicted that CO2-induced global warming climate change should be causing a significant decline in total snow cover. However, global snow cover has actually increased since at least the start of the record,” states the claim. Snow […]

A twitter post claiming that scientists do not agree on the cause of climate change is false. “7- Scientists disagree on the cause of climate change. Scientists disagree that climate change is happening and that it is caused by humans. Various analyses over many years have shown that climate scientists disagree about the main cause […]

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