Team Members

A young journalist who is ready to inform, entertain and educate.

An experienced media personnel with a demonstrated history of working in a media production industry, that is for both newspaper and radio.

An outstanding and pragmatist individual who builds businesses. A motivator, mentor and a life coach, preacher and a teacher of the word.

An all-round dedicated journalist ready to change the world through storytelling and positive vibes. A multimedia storyteller, data journalist and a fact-checker.

“I would like to impact accurate and timely life changing stories to my listeners as a journalist,” he says. Wishes to see SKY FM grow further with him being part of the team.

I am  your happy go lucky girl who carries her sunshine everywhere she goes.Patient, a good listener and excitable. As a journalist, I’m conversant with my trade, core business tuning listeners into the right mindset as they  prepare to either join  family  at home or  friends……..wherever they are. I am youthful and relate directly to […]

Lover of sports, trending social news, steamy vibes as well as controversial issues.

I’m curious, humorous and listens to peoples opinion to better the best that has been achieved. My goal is to be among the best journalists in the world.

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